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We offer Maternity and Nursing Apparel for all sizes and price ranges. From swimsuits to jeans and coats. 

Why Choose Us?

Bump Boutique is a maternity store in Jefferson City Missouri. We opened because there is a need in the community.  Everyone should be comfortable in their clothes especially when you are pregnant. I want every momma to be to feel their best when they walk out with a new outfit. We offer new and used maternity and nursing apparel for all price ranges and  sizes. We offer maternity photo shoot dresses along with rental of those dresses. We buy gently used maternity and nursing items and apparel. We have Photoshoot dresses in size small to a 3XL. 

I love this store! Ive had the hardest time finding clothes that fit me during my pregnancy. Not only did i find clothes that fit, they were so freakin cute too!! The owner and her husband were delightful and great to shop with!! I highly recommend to any momma to be, as they have new and used clothing and items. Here’s the dress i got for my shower!

Jessica Dalley

About UsBump Boutique is a New and Used Maternity and Nursing Apparel store.

Paula Stallings

Store Owner

My name is Paula and I wanted to offer pregnant women an option and to be able to come try on clothing before they bought them. When my daughter came home from St. Louis in December and January to try to find clothes there wasn’t anything for her to shop at or she didn’t like the quality of the clothing that she was trying on. So that gave me an idea to share with the community a maternity store 

That every Momma can come and shop.


Bump Boutique For your new and used maternity needs. You can purchase online, by phone, in store and by message. 

312 Stadium Blvd Jefferson City Mo

312 Stadium Blvd

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